Which criteria determine the best bookmaker in Germany?

The development of online sports betting in Germany is quite slow and difficult. This is because the legal framework for this is determined independently by the individual federal states. With dozens of bookmakers offering their services to German bettors, it can be quite difficult to determine which is the best. However, if you focus on a set of criteria, you can make things a lot easier for yourself.

Licensing is a must

New rules for the licensing of bookmakers will apply in Germany from 2021. In order for the betting provider to be able to work legally, it must obtain a German license. This means that he must comply with a set of rules and restrictions imposed by the legislature.

When choosing a bookmaker, always make sure that they are licensed. Ideally, you have a German license, but other options also allow you to legally use the services of online bookmakers in Germany. For example, B. GGBet has a license issued in Cyprus. Since it is a country that is part of the European Union, you will not face any problem whatsoever while using the services of this provider.

Popularity and seriousness of the bookmaker

It is also important to note how much trust other bettors place in bookmakers. The player ratings in various specialized forums make it easier to understand the seriousness of the site you are considering. This is difficult to determine in any other way, as the dubiousness of the provider often only becomes apparent when the bettor makes the first withdrawal request. The better the user ratings and the more popular the bookmaker is, the higher its rating.

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amount of quotas

Bookmakers that accept online bets can be considered the best if the odds they offer are fair. What is meant by „fair“? First and foremost is the odds, which are not kept artificially low. Some providers overstate the profit margin (percentage of the bookmaker’s guaranteed profit), reducing the odds for bettors.

Exaggerating the odds is also not a good sign. With such providers, the probability that you will not get your winnings paid out increases, because nobody will work to their own disadvantage. To be able to make real money, opt for providers with high but not excessive odds, such as B. at GG Bet.

Variety of sports and betting options

A large selection of classic sports and the opportunity to bet on eSports are also important criteria when choosing the best bookmaker. The variety of sports allows as many bettors as possible to find exactly what interests them. While some bettors are content with football on their betting list, others are interested in darts, cricket or snooker.

In addition to a large selection of classic sports, 13 eSports disciplines can also be found on the GG Bet Germany website, including:

  • CS:GO;
  • LoL;
  • Dota 2;
  • Valorant;
  • StarCraft;
  • and more.

The betting offer also plays an important role. The larger it is, the more betting options are available to the bettor and the greater the chances of making money.

Access to online broadcasts

Those who prefer real-time betting will appreciate the opportunity to follow the progress of the game directly on the bookmaker’s website. Therefore, access to broadcasting is one of the most important criteria when choosing a bookmaker. Unfortunately, only a few bookmakers operating in Germany offer this service.

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Bettors who enjoy betting on eSports are luckier in this regard, as live broadcasting of eSports matches is offered by a much larger number of bookmakers.

Bonuses and Promotions

The quantity and quality of the bonus programs and promotions are also decisive for the quality of a bookmaker. Bookmakers who value their players go to great lengths to offer various bonuses and promotions that allow bettors to make even more money.
It is also important that the conditions for wagering such bonuses are feasible. After all, what good is a bonus that cannot be implemented?

Presence of a mobile application

The best bookmakers invest in the comfort of their users. The presence of a mobile application or a website optimized for use on mobile devices is one of the main criteria for evaluating a provider.

Most online bookmakers in Germany offer mobile versions of their websites. The best of them like GGBet also offer quality mobile apps for iOS and Android.


If you know the criteria by which you can determine the best bookmaker, you will not have any difficulty in finding the exact provider that meets all your requirements. In addition, you can view the existing ratings of the best bookmakers in Germany at any time.

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