What is animation: on its history and application in design

When you hear the word animation, most people probably think of cartoons. Animation actually means much more and is also used by entrepreneurs in their marketing these days. In this article you can read what is behind this term, how animation has developed through history and how it can be used in design.

What is animation?

Animation is actually an intricate process of making images happen in rapid succession so that they appear to be moving.

Drawing a picture is hard, but producing a thousand or more pictures that then represent movement is even harder. Nowadays, however, there are also other techniques that are used for this, such as using photography.

Animation has really evolved and is used in many ways today. It has even become popular technique for different digital marketing companies. If you are also active in this branch, find out more about the animation agency.

Animation through history

Animation has evolved through history from simple moving drawings to fully computer-animated feature films.

The beginning of animation was in the 19th century, when many inventions of different scientists dealt with this phenomenon. When photography then appeared in the 20th century, the first techniques, such as stop motion, emerged.

Later, when probably the best-known animator and producer Walt Disney got involved with animation, there was a revolution in this area. He combined animation with sound – and that’s how the cartoons came about. „Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs“ was produced in the 1930s, after which other world-famous cartoons such as „Bambi“ and „Pinocchio“ followed.

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Then in 1951 came another revolutionary invention – the first computer animation. But it lasted until the 90s and 1995 when the first fully computer-animated feature film “Toy Story” was released. That was the beginning of animated cartoons as we know them today.

Application of animation in design

As animation has evolved through history and as techniques have become more eclectic, so has the application of animation. No wonder, because moving images attract much more attention than static images. They are also effective for adults and children.

Over time, it was also used in design and other fields. Animations are eye catching and nowadays used in online marketing as they enhance the designs.


Advertisements are a marketing strategy that is often used. Animations are often used for them because of the attention they attract. With the right animation, your company will certainly attract a lot of attention and new customers, and Webagentur Berlin will be happy to help you with that.

explainer videos

Animations are often used in the explainer videos. You, as an entrepreneur, want to present your brand or your services to customers, for example. A good way to do this are videos created with the help of animations, which arouse more interest in the viewer and create visual communication.

This will surely increase the satisfaction of your customers and the pain points will be eliminated – so the customer experience will not be negatively affected.

Videos for social networks

Making an animated video about your brand is a great way to get more attention on social media. The larger companies also like to use this strategy so that their followers notice them on the homepage.

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