Tips for buying a gaming tablet

Mobile devices have now overtaken consoles and PCs as the most popular video gaming platform. Most users naturally play on their cell phones because their smartphones are always at hand. However, more and more mobile gamers are considering buying a tablet for gaming. Because of the larger screen, these devices offer a better user experience for many games. However, choosing the right tablet can be difficult because there are numerous devices on the market that differ in terms of design, technical details and operating system. These factors should be considered when making a purchase decision.

kind of games

Depending on what kind of games you want the tablet to run, there are different performance requirements. If you want to play action games like Call of Duty Mobile or PUBG, it is best to choose a device with 4 GB of RAM and a fast processor. On the other hand, if you mainly want to play browser games like the popular slot Lord of the Ocean, you can save some money by buying a device with lower performance. Because with a Novoline slot machine, it is primarily about good paylines and not about breathtaking graphics.

height and weight

There are big differences between different tablets in terms of size and weight. This factor should not be underestimated when purchasing. A larger screen allows the graphics to come into their own in some games and a higher weight is often due to a larger battery. However, it must be possible to hold a gaming tablet comfortably in the hand for long periods of time. This can be a problem with heavy and large devices. It is therefore best to pick up a few different tablets and try them out before you buy them.

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Most major mobile games are compatible with both iOS and Android. Most games that are only released on one operating system are not really worth playing. In this respect, gamers have free choice. However, it is usually a good idea to check for compatibility with the smartphone. In this way, many games can be played both at home on the tablet and on the go on the mobile phone. And if you occasionally want to use the tablet for work, for checking emails or similar, you can synchronize data better this way.

storage space

Storage space is also an important factor when buying a gaming tablet. Many entry-level devices only have 8 GB of storage space. If you want to install a lot of games on your tablet, this won’t get you very far. With iPads, it is also not easily possible to expand the internal memory with SD cards. It is therefore important to plan enough space for all apps from the outset. With many Android tablets, however, the memory can be expanded so that it can be retrofitted if necessary. If in doubt, it is worth asking when purchasing.

battery life

Anyone who has to plug their gaming tablet into an outlet all the time is not particularly mobile. It is therefore important to ensure a long battery life. There are some significant differences here. Apple promises a battery life of up to 10 hours for its tablets, although it should usually be significantly less when gaming. Many Android tablets advertise runtimes of 15 hours or more. However, only the results of practical tests reveal whether this is really true.

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