This tool makes PDF merging a real breeze!

Almost all of us regularly use PDF files. Whether it’s instruction manuals for household appliances, important government documents, promotional materials, or any type of document we need for work, PDFs are everywhere today.

It is no understatement to say that Adobe has made a real success with the file format and the accompanying Acrobat Reader. Did you know that the file format was developed back in 1992? Of course, Adobe has been making constant improvements since then, but it’s still amazing how old the good old PDF file is already. In 1992, digitization and even the use of computers was still in its infancy. At that time, hardly any private household owned a computer, smartphones had not yet been invented and tablets did not even exist in the minds of the boldest hardware developers.

How to merge PDFs

The popularity of the data format makes it necessary for many people to create or edit PDFs themselves. This can be necessary both in professional life and privately, so it is good to deal with this topic today. Of course, the guide is also perfect for you if you’ve already found yourself in the awkward position of having to merge two PDFs, but you don’t yet know how this actually works. You often need to stitch PDFs together to make a brochure or create an eBook. Sometimes it can also make sense to combine PDFs to increase clarity or to prepare documents for specific authorities.

The first step – choosing the right service provider

If you want to combine PDFs, you need the tools of an external provider, since neither our computer nor our smartphone are able to combine PDF files without the right software. The best and above all the simplest provider for this process is Adobe itself. With the newly introduced „Online Tools“ you can use a large number of editing functions without downloading any software or an app. This includes merging two or more PDF documents. This tool makes this task really easy.

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Adobe’s online tools are therefore the first choice because they offer security and the user can rely on not suffering any unpleasant surprises. All online services require you to upload your own files, which means that you have to trust the provider 100%. This is very important, especially for confidential data, after all nobody wants to transmit sensitive data to a possible fraudster. This is also particularly important for all information relating to work or the employer. You can’t make any compromises here and should therefore only use Adobe’s online tools.

Another advantage of Adobe’s offers is that there are no dubious subscription traps. Other providers often make it possible to merge the data free of charge, but then require a subscription to download the finished file. This creates unnecessary frustration, which can be avoided by using the Adobe services, even if Adobe also requires a member account to use them. On a positive note, the service can also be used via your own Google or Facebook account. A complicated registration is not necessary in many cases. It should also be mentioned with Adobe that not all services are available free of charge.

The second step – merging the files

After entering the online tool, all you have to do is click on the blue button, which will take you to a window where you can select the necessary files. Once you have selected all the required documents (easiest with CTRL+mouse click), the data will be uploaded. This can often take a moment, since the upload speeds in Germany in particular are often relatively low.

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After uploading, you have to put the documents in the desired order. Simply use the website’s drag + drop function. In this menu you also have the option of deleting documents (recycle bin icon) or adding more documents (file icon).

Have you uploaded all documents and put them in the right order? Then click on the „Combine file“ button. Again, it will take a moment before you are taken to the next window. Adobe’s servers are now working on merging the documents. Of course, how long this takes depends heavily on how many PDF files you combine and how large they are.

As a last step, you get access to a file preview. If this is what you want, you can download the finished file. As you can see, the entire process is very simple and not a problem even for users who are not very tech-savvy. In total, the process usually only takes 2-3 minutes. Be sure to place all data to be merged into a single folder before uploading to make file selection as straightforward as possible and reduce the chance of missing a file.

Our insider tip: Compress the file after merging it. This service is also supported by Adobe’s online tools. The big advantage is that a much smaller PDF file is created here without any major loss of quality, which is much easier to send.

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