These tools make online gaming a breeze

Online gaming has allowed video games to transcend boundaries. Technological progress has freed them from their physical shackles and gives gamers the chance to gamble at any time. The enormous global competition unsurprisingly fuels gamers‘ ambitions. This applies to Germany as well as to the rest of the world.

Gaming requires training (Image:

So it’s no wonder that players are always on the lookout for helpful tools that will allow them to improve their skills. Depending on the platform or game, countless tools are available. They make gaming easier and help players to literally reach the next level or discover new game worlds.

  • New games on Steam
  • The Poker Calculator calculates the odds
  • Captura records
  • Razer Cortex sets the pace
  • Cheat Engine provides support
  • Small but mighty

New games on Steam

Gamers love a constant supply of new games. The pioneer Steam is still the first address when it comes to buying, downloading, playing online or testing new games. The Steam Client is sufficient for this. This is the basic requirement for using the service. The game catalog includes more than 44,000 titles. The client not only takes care of the download, but also the installation and updates, as well as patches. Everyone will find something to their liking in the online games library.

Incidentally, Steam recently released support for the Xbox Series controller in Steam Link. The games can now also be played with this controller on the smartphone. If you don’t want to constantly be on the lookout for new games, Steam is the ideal choice.

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The Poker Calculator calculates the odds

Online poker has undoubtedly been one of those games that have fueled online gaming immensely. An old card game has become a worldwide trend that entertains up to 100 million people. But with the mass of players came the desire to improve oneself and one’s game. The so-called poker odds calculator can help here. It’s the perfect tool for finding out the odds when playing poker.

This not only applies to the strength of the cards before the game, but also in the middle. This can be shown particularly well in the Texas Hold’em variant. While playing online poker, players simply open the 888 Poker Calculator at the same time and enter their cards, those of their opponents and the board there. The tool immediately shows the chances of winning in percent and thus provides valuable tips for the further course of the game.

Captura records

If you want to analyze your game, you need a recording. Here, the tool Captura has established itself as a simple tool. This allows gamers to record their desktop and take screenshots. The recording can be positioned freely. In addition, Captura offers the possibility to record several screens at the same time. Even a connected webcam and the keystrokes can be archived for later analysis. In order to be able to use the functions sufficiently, the software offers numerous setting options. Users can choose different codecs and video containers to achieve the preferred quality.

Razer Cortex sets the pace

Nothing annoys gamers as much as constant stuttering. After all, not everyone has the best tech equipment to handle the latest graphics monster. This is where Razer Cortex can help. This Game Booster ensures smooth gaming. To do this, the tool deactivates all those processes that are currently not necessary. It frees up memory and performance, giving the game free rein. You can define this process yourself in the settings. In addition, you can also record videos from the game and make screenshots with Razer Cortex. All you need to do is register with the manufacturer to use it.

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Cheat Engine provides support

The fastest game quickly becomes a nuisance when you get stuck. Every gamer knows the situation only too well. Since it is helpful if you can fall back on Cheat Engine. The software increases the difficulty of the game. It affects it in a way that makes it either harder or easier for the gamer. Cheat Engine detects critical values ​​and allows you to change them manually. This can be very helpful with life energy, for example. At the same time you can also change the high scores. If you need further help, you should take a look at the CheatBook Database. There you will find countless tips and tricks from gamers from all over the world. Why waste time when the solution has already been found?

Small but mighty

A small but helpful tool is XPadder. This allows key and mouse actions to be reassigned to a gamepad or joystick control. In this way, gamers can also play games that are only intended for keyboard or mouse control on controllers. The software supports up to 16 gamepads simultaneously and is available free of charge. The communication software Discord is similarly practical. It combines the advantages of Skype and Teamspeak and has recently become increasingly popular among gamers. It is available as an app for the desktop, alternatively you can play it directly in the browser.

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