The coolest video game companies in Germany

Video game development is a specific type of software development that focuses on games. These games can be suitable for any type of computer, be it gaming consoles like Xbox, PlayStation or Nintendo, mobile platforms like iPhone or iPad, or traditional computers like PC and Macintosh. Developers often further specialize in a certain type of genre, be it RPG’s, FPS’s or RTS’s. Unlike regular software development, game development can also venture into Hollywood territory and requires the work of writers, artists, and actors to complete their projects. Below are the video game developers currently headquartered in Germany.


Crytek GmbH is a German video game developer and software developer based in Frankfurt. Crytek was founded in September 1999 by the Yerli brothers in Coburg and moved to Frankfurt in 2006, but also operates other studios in Kyiv and Istanbul. Former studios included Crytek Black Sea in Sofia, Crytek UK in Nottingham and Crytek USA in Austin, Texas. The company is best known for developing the first installment of the Far Cry series (subsequent sequels and spin-offs being developed by Ubisoft Montreal) and the Crysis series, the open world of their games that showcase the company’s CryEngine , and for pushing the boundaries of PC specifications to achieve advanced graphics and gaming experiences.

Goodgame Studios

Goodgame Studios is an online games company founded in 2009 and based in Hamburg. It has been part of the Stillfront Group since 2018. The company’s sales exceeded $1 billion in November 2017. Goodgame Poker is equally suitable for all online poker fans. Over nine million registered players are already enjoying this successful browser game, which was developed by the Hamburg developer Goodgame Studios. Tens of thousands of fans worldwide use the online game every day to play and chat with friends. 16 languages ​​are currently available.

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In particular, additional features have been added to this new version to make it much easier for beginners to get started in the game. While experienced players can test their skills in tournaments against a range of opponents, beginners can use the helpful tutorial to quickly learn the basics of poker. The constant stream of new real players will make every hand a unique experience. Goodgame Poker can be played for free or you can deposit 10 euro play 50 euro casino and choose between other games.

Ubisoft Blue Byte

Ubisoft Blue Byte GmbH (formerly Blue Byte until 2017) is a German video game developer based in Düsseldorf. Founded in October 1988 by Thomas Hertzler and Lothar Schmitt, the company is best known for developing the Anno and The Settlers series. The studio was acquired by Ubisoft in 2001. Today, Ubisoft Blue Byte consists of three studios with the brands Ubisoft Düsseldorf, Ubisoft Mainz and Ubisoft Berlin, with the Blue Byte name serving as the legal umbrella for all three studios.

Cook Media

Koch Media GmbH is a German-Austrian media company based in Höfen, Tyrol, Austria and an operating subsidiary based in Planegg, Germany. The company was founded in 1994 by Franz Koch and Klemens Kundratitz. The Company operates video game publishing brands Deep Silver and Ravenscourt, video game developers Warhorse Studios and Milestone srl, and film distributor Koch Films. Koch Media’s parent company, Koch Media Holding, was acquired by Swedish holding company THQ Nordic AB in February 2018.

Sunflowers Interactive

Sunflowers Interactive Entertainment Software GmbH was a German company that developed and published computer games. Heusenstamm-based Sunflowers was founded in 1993 by Adi Boiko, the company’s President, and Wilhelm Hamrozi, the company’s CEO. Games published by Sunflowers include the Anno series, Black Sea Studios‘ Knights of Honor, Holiday Island and SEK’s ParaWorld. On April 11, 2007, Ubisoft announced that it had acquired Sunflowers, with the deal expected to close in Ubisoft’s first quarter of fiscal 2000.

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Deep Silver is a video game developer and publisher based in Planegg, Germany and is a wholly owned subsidiary of German multinational Koch Media. Since its inception in 2002, Deep Silver has published and co-published several major titles. In total, the company has released more than two hundred games. These include the Dead Island series, Metro series, Killer Is Dead, Saints Row series and the upcoming Homefront sequel.


The list of quality video game companies continues to grow as the gaming industry increases in popularity. With countless new game design studios emerging, we’ve highlighted the best of the best. The player developers listed above are regularly voted among the best in the world and have a reputation to match.

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