The best video games with in-game casinos

Not only in the real world are we surrounded by arcades and casinos, also in video games these facilities are more and more represented to represent more realism. But which computer games even have the opportunity to gamble in-game? We would like to answer exactly this question for you in this article and have listed the most well-known PC and console games with this feature below.


One of the oldest titles you can think of when it comes to slot machines is probably the first Pokémon games (Red and Blue) for the Nintendo Game Boy. The first two versions were released in Japan by the GameFreak developer studio as early as 1996, but in addition to catching the cute little pocket monsters, a mini-game in the Prismania City arcade could also be accessed. It was a simple slot machine that represented a successful change from everyday combat. If enough coins were won, they could be exchanged for items or rare Pokémon. You could also gamble on the virtual one-armed bandits in the later Game Boy Advance versions, this time even in color and with much better graphics. In the latest Switch remake (Let’s go Pikachu), however, this feature was deleted because Nintendo apparently wanted to avoid possible youth protection problems.

Grand Theft Auto V

The possibility of gambling was also added to GTA 5 in online mode, but older parts already offered this possibility. For example, GTA San Andreas, released in 2004, has extensive casino game modes, including slot machines, horse bets and typical gaming tables for roulette and Co., in contrast to the latest part, these could also be played in single player.

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In GTA 5, visiting the arcade is limited to online mode only and cannot be done in classic single-player mode. In the online game, the player can choose between poker, blackjack, roulette and typical slot machines, among other things, and can also spin the fortune board or put virtual money into horse bets. In almost 60 countries (Isreal, Saudi Arabia, etc.), however, access to the casino is prohibited, as this would not be compatible with the local gambling commissions.

Red Dead Redemption

Although the two Red Dead Redemption parts of Rockstar Games do not have a separate arcade, virtual gambling in saloons, bars or similar locations is still possible here. There are often various dice and card games to choose from, but also the classic „Five Finger Fillet“ in which you have to stab between your spread fingers with a knife as quickly as possible. Alternatively, you can also put your skills to the test in arm wrestling or horseshoe throwing. You can also play a round of poker with your friends in the Red Dead Online multiplayer part. Since Red Dead Redemption takes place in 1899 and 1911, there are of course no slot machines or other slot machines there, although according to Wikipedia the first examples of the slot machines were developed in 1889.

Far cry 3

Certain gambling components are also included in the popular open-world first-person shooter “Far Cry 3” from 2012, so Texas hold’em poker can be played there with other virtual computer opponents. The stake can be determined by the player himself, according to our information there was no longer a poker option in later Far Cry parts. Attention spoilers: later in the game there is a knife fight during the virtual poker game – the protagonist also loses a finger in the process, a pretty bloody affair and therefore not for the faint of heart. On the other hand, things can be much more relaxed in real-life gambling halls. The website, for example, offers a good overview, where all the advantages and welcome gifts are conveniently listed.

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The Sims 3

Hard to believe but true, even in the life simulation „The Sims 3“ you can virtually stand at a slot machine or play blackjack at the table. In contrast to the games presented above, however, the game allows for almost no interaction, so your Sim decides for itself when to stop the slot machine or how often to draw a card. The virtual casino is not included in the basic game itself, it must be purchased separately as DLC. You can look for the „Lucky Simoleon Casino“ extension in the Sim Store, it costs 1900 SimPoints – the equivalent of just under 14 euros, this is certainly not cheap, but not particularly surprising for a game from EA.

Final Fantasy XIII-2

Like The Sims 3, Final Fantasy XIII-2 is already a few years old, after all this game was released in 2011. Nevertheless, this game also has an integrated slot machine, so additional in-game coins can be earned. The stake is quite low compared to the possible profit, only 5 coins have to be invested per round, the maximum profit is an impressive 7,777 coins. Graphically you can see the age of the game, unfortunately, if you only value a beautifully designed slot machine, you should probably switch to GTA Online.

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