The best online multiplayer games

What’s better than a game night with friends? Thanks to the development of technology and the advent of the internet, online multiplayer games have become more and more popular. We have selected for you today the best games that you should try.

Nintendo games

Nintendo is and remains one of the most popular platforms when it comes to party games. The Nintendo Wii is still the most popular game console and the Nintendo Switch also experienced real delivery bottlenecks due to high demand. In addition to games like Super Smash Bros. Ultimate and Mario Kart, the title Animal Crossing: New Horizons is particularly popular. The latest part of the well-known series was released in early 2020. In the life simulation you can create your own character and then design an island of your choice according to your heart’s desire. The game becomes especially fun when you visit your friends‘ islands. Here you can even discover the secrets of tropical paradises together.

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computer games

Not only on the console, but also on your own computer you can compete with and against each other. Game providers like Steam make it easy to connect with friends. The classic Terraria is particularly popular at the moment. In the 2D open world game you can build houses and entire villages, explore the underground and fight bizarre monsters. The game received a new boost with the release of the Journey’s End update. So both die-hard veterans and new players can enjoy the game.

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Even Monopoly lovers will find what they are looking for online: the popular game has been implemented in various forms on the PC. In order not to occupy the internal memory unnecessarily, it is advisable to use a browser version. For example, the online casino Wildz offers a particularly fun version of the board game classic. But Monopoly is not the only game that can be played in the provider’s live casino. A detailed Wildz Casino review shows the many games available at the casino. In addition to various live games, there are also slots in different themes and variants.

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Multi-Platform Games

Luckily, games aren’t just found on Nintendo consoles and computers. Many games are available on almost all platforms. One of our favorites is Overcooked 2. The story of Overcooked 2 is every bit as fun as its predecessor, while keeping the overall humorous and light-hearted tone you’d expect. Again, players have to manage to prepare recipes in crazy kitchens.

Just Dance 2020 is another one of our favorites. In the game you can dance to 40 of the latest hits and music classics. In addition, different levels of difficulty can be selected. It then goes online in a battle against other players. Whoever dances the best wins the round. The extension allows you to download over 100 additional songs. The game is a lot of fun, makes for laughs and is also a good workout.

Of course, this is only a small selection of the best online multiplayer games. Nevertheless, we like that the popular games can be played on almost all platforms. And we are really looking forward to the multiplayer games that 2020 will bring us.

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