The best iPhone charging cables at a glance

Almost every iPhone user probably knows the problem, the supplied charging cable is at the end after a few months and the cable insulation is already falling apart at the plug. But that does not always have to be the case, third-party manufacturers now offer reinforced cables that do not have this problem or only show it much later. With the products linked below, the dreaded cable break should be a thing of the past, as they are reinforced at the appropriate point.

In this article we would therefore like to take a closer look at the current charging cables and have put together an overview of the best iPhone charging cables here. We’re only referring to Lightning cables here, so users of an older 30-pin connector will have to look elsewhere. Of course, you can also use the iPhone charging cables linked below for iPads – but keep in mind that the new iPad Pros are exempt from this, as they no longer have a lighting port.

USB-A to Lightning

Classic USB-A to Lightning cables are a dime a dozen, but the main focus should be on the so-called MFi certification. Particularly cheap cables often do not have this certification and it can happen that the charging cable is no longer accepted after a later iOS update. Therefore, only high-quality cables from Amazon Basics or, for example, anchors that have the MFi logo should be used.

USB-A is the classic USB plug that you can find on almost all charging cables, USB sticks and the like. This can also only be inserted in one direction and is not twist-proof like the newer USB Type-C standard – furthermore, only a lower charging speed is possible here.

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Anker PowerLine II iPhone Charger Cable, Lightning… 8.99 EUR Buy at Amazon

Amazon Basics Lightning to USB A Cable, Apple MFi Certified - White, 1.8m, 2-pack

Amazon Basics Lightning to USB A Cable, Apple MFi… Buy at Amazon

USB-C to Lightning

If you prefer a higher charging speed, you should use a USB Type-C to Lighting cable. This enables higher charging capacities and your iPhone can also be charged faster than with the USB-A cable provided by Apple. However, due to the different plug shapes, you must also use an appropriate charger that has a USB Type-C port. We published an article on this yesterday.

A USB Type-C connection is twist-proof and can be plugged into the charger in both directions. This can be found more and more often, especially in newer devices, as it can also transmit significantly more power than a conventional USB-A port.

Anker PowerLine II USB C to Lightning Cable, 180 cm long, MFi-certified, for iPhone 13/13 Pro/12/12 Pro Max/11 Pro/X/XS/XR/8 Plus, for Type-C chargers, supports power Delivery(White)

Anker PowerLine II USB C to Lightning cable, 180… 16.99 EUR Buy at Amazon Offer

Amazon Basics USB-C to Lightning Cable Braided Nylon MFi Certified Charging Cable for iPhone 13/12/11/X/XS/XR/8 Silver 1.8m

Amazon Basics – USB-C to Lightning Cable,… 13.99 EUR Buy at Amazon

Avoid extremely cheap cables

No matter which USB charging cable you ultimately choose for your iPhone, pay particular attention to the quality. With very cheap cables, savings are usually made on the insulation inside or outside, and bending processes could quickly lead to a short circuit.

Also, very cheap iPhone charging cables (in the price range under 5 euros) usually do not have Apple’s MFi certification, which means that the charging process could be prevented by an iOS update in the future, making the cable worthless. Apple requires a certain minimum standard from the accessory providers so that they can also receive an MFi certification – of course, in return, a few euros in license payments must flow from the providers to Apple.

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Our tip therefore: Rely on trustworthy products from Apple, Anker, UGreen or Amazon Basics – these have the required MFi certification and also rely on better cable insulation than many alternative low-cost providers. This means that your device is better protected against overvoltages and other difficulties.

Last update on 11/15/2022 / Affiliate links / Images from the Amazon Product Advertising API

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