Telephone solicitations and how to avoid them

Telephone solicitations, even when banned, are becoming increasingly common. The companies sometimes act very boldly and can hardly be brushed off. Of course you can hang up the phone directly, no question. But if you like the funny version, you still have fun and can of course fool your counterpart who is doing unauthorized advertising. Of course, the callers can also be reported that they are advertising without permission.

Report Unauthorized Ads

Of course you can report unauthorized advertising to the Federal Network Agency, no question. However, you should first find out who called. Because in very few cases do you understand the name of the company. This can be found, for example, on the caller information page by entering the phone number that usually appears on the display.

What counts as a sales call?

The term telephone advertising covers practically all calls that have only one goal, namely to promote the sale of goods or the provision of a service. This includes, for example, new electricity tariffs that are offered to you or that a subscription is taken out.

There are also phishing calls, which, however, do not fall under telephone advertising, even if company names or products are mentioned. With these calls, the callers try to get sensitive data such as bank details or credit card numbers.

Calls calling for market or opinion research are also not telephone advertising. Only if such a call is a disguised survey and is actually intended to boost sales does the call fall under telephone advertising.

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Even when data sharing is unlawful, there are numerous companies that sell millions of pieces of data, which then bombard consumers with telephone advertisements.

How can consumers protect themselves from unauthorized telephone advertising?

As mentioned above, the companies can be reported to the Federal Network Agency. Violations of this prohibition can result in fines of up to 300,000 euros. If the company’s phone number is suppressed, a fine of up to 10,000 euros may be due. The list of measures that have been imposed in the last 12 months can be viewed at the Federal Network Agency.

As a rule, consumers can only protect themselves if they have a secret number. Otherwise, the only rule is that you simply hang up when such a call comes. In addition, anyone can specify with their telephone provider that callers with withheld numbers are not put through. However, this has the disadvantage that even acquaintances who, for example, withhold your phone number, cannot be put through to you.

Another possibility is that the called party becomes very active and pushy. Ask for the company name, the name of the caller, the reason for the call, and confront the caller. It should also be pointed out that you want your data to be deleted. Otherwise, unfortunately, your hands are tied and you can’t really do more than report to the Federal Network Agency.

If you want to have fun, then use the Frank geht ran hotline and refer the caller to Frank’s number.

Of course you can also put a guide to annoying phone calls on the phone and get rid of the caller. Such a guide is available here as a PDF. However, it is unlikely that the caller will remain on the line for long and the person called is still having fun.

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