Live Ticker: Apple Keynote September 2015

Welcome to our live blog about the Apple event in September 2015. In addition to the iPhone 6s, a new Apple TV with an integrated AppStore is also expected. According to some rumours, Apple could also present an iPad Pro with a 12″ display on September 9th, 2015, but we do not expect the presentation of an XXL iPad until October of this year.

Our live ticker for the Apple event starts on September 9th, 2015 at 6:30 p.m. – the official start is 7 p.m. German time. The highlight of the keynote will undoubtedly be the successor model to the iPhone 6, with new features such as ForceTouch and Co. some new, interesting functions will also find their way into the iOS9 mobile operating system.

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live blog:

9:22 p.m

And end. Yes, unfortunately there was no “One more thing…” after the music.

Take care and see you next time – your team

We wish you a nice evening.

9:10 p.m

At this point we would like to say goodbye. The live blog was a lot of fun for us again, we wish you all a nice evening.

9:09 p.m

The presentation will probably be over now. music is already playing.

9:06 p.m

The iPhone 6S and 6S Plus will probably be available for pre-order next Saturday.

9:03 p.m

iOS 9 from September 16th

iCloud now cheaper: 50GB for $0.99 per month.

9:00 p.m

8:59 p.m

Now to the accessories: docking stations in all iPhone colors as well as more covers and sleeves.

8:58 p.m

iPhone 6: Now 866 Mbit/s possible via WLAN.

8:57 p.m

Live Photos on iPhone 6S

A large thumbnail with a short video clip of the moment of capture… who needs it.

8:52 p.m

FaceTime camera now with 5 megapixels.

8:51 p.m

Panorama photos are also possible with the new camera – an impressive 36 megapixels.

And even better – 4K video recording is now possible. This should lead to increased memory consumption, it is questionable whether Apple will still offer a 16GB version…

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8:46 p.m

The M9 processor is integrated directly into the A9.

Besides that:

2x faster Touch ID sensor.

Better camera – 12 megapixels. (8 megapixels on the predecessor)

8:44 p.m

3D Touch in play. Here, for example: By pressing harder, the camera zooms in on the game.

3D touch in games

8:42 p.m

A9 chip in the new iPhone 6. (70% faster than the A8)

90% faster GPU.

Another app demo follows.

8:41 p.m

Another application example for „3D Touch“, yes, third-party developers can also insert such menu shortcuts into their apps using the API.

Drop box

8:35 p.m

New: Taptic Engine in the new iPhone. No more normal vibration motor.

Taptic Engine

8:33 p.m

3D Touch shortens the menu paths on the iPhone 6S:

3D Touch

8:32 p.m

No ForceTouch – no it’s called „3D Touch“:

3D Touch

8:31 p.m

New colors:

iPhone 6S - New colors

8:28 p.m

iPhone 6S

8:26 p.m

Finally: Tim Cook is back on stage. Now probably to the last point of today: The iPhone.

8:25 p.m

Prices for the new AppleTV

$149 32GB

$199 for 64GB

should be available in October this year.

8:23 p.m

The MLB app enables streaming of sporting events with additional information. Split screen is also possible – everything in 60fps and FullHD.

Sports app on AppleTV

8:19 p.m

Hmm, seems like the actual iPhone 6S presentation is going to be pretty short?

8:15 p.m

Games on Apple TV

8:11 p.m

Now follow a few app demos for AppleTV.

8:10 p.m

AppleTV’s operating system is now called tvOS.

Apps can be written using Xcode.

8:06 p.m

In general, almost everything on the new AppleTV can be operated via Siri using voice control.

8:05 p.m

The new Apple TV interface:

Apple TV interface

8:01 p.m

And this is what the new AppleTV looks like – with a new remote control that probably has a touchpad – or at least understands swipe gestures.

AppleTV - New

7:57 p.m

App Store for Apple TV.

7:56 p.m

Tim Cook is back on stage – but he doesn’t want to talk about the iPad Mini 4, he now comes to the next point:

apple tv

7:55 p.m

In comparison: (you can already see an iPad Mini 4, but this has not yet been commented on)

iPad comparison

7:53 p.m

Again, the ugly Apple strategy:

iPad Pro – 32GB for $799

If you need more memory, you pay significantly more – at least $949.

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A 64GB variant would probably have been sufficient for many as a starting variant… now you have to resort to the more expensive model.

7:51 p.m

Extra $99 for the Apple Pencil…

7:51 p.m

Available from November!

But it gets pretty expensive:

iPad Pro - Pretty expensive

7:49 p.m

iPad Pro

7:46 p.m

iPad Pro

7:44 p.m

So the last software demo for the iPad Pro, hopefully some technical data will follow afterwards.

7:43 p.m

Will the stylus aka “Apple Pencil” also cost extra?

7:42 p.m

Again, a relatively short introduction – Adobe follows:


7:40 p.m

Microsoft on the Apple stage – presents the Office package on the new iPad Pro and shows the advantages of the stylus:


7:36 p.m

iPad Pro

7:33 p.m

What was that again? Nobody needs a stylus? Now, as an option:

Apple Pencil

19:30 o’clock

New accessories:

iPad Pro keyboard

7:29 p.m

Only 6.9 mm thick!

Just a little heavier than the first iPad – but with a huge display.

7:28 p.m

10 hours of battery life

Battery iPad Pro

7:27 p.m

The iPad Pro is said to be faster than 80% of portable PCs.

7:26 p.m

A9x processor, desktop-class performance (1.8x faster than its predecessor)

GPU even 2x faster!

7:24 p.m

12.9″ display!

iPad Air VS. iPad Pro:iPad Air VS.  iPad Pro

7:23 p.m

Pretty big:

bigger iPad

7:21 p.m

iPad Pro:

iPad Pro

7:19 p.m

Apple Watch ready. Now for the iPad – Tim Cook announces a new “bigger” iPad.

7:18 p.m

The picture for it:

Apple Watch new colors

7:17 p.m


Some new colors & combinations in the future, probably also from October. There will also be a Product Red in the future.

7:15 p.m

Apple Watch with leather strap – available to buy from October:

leather strap

7:14 p.m

Airstrip – short demo and now over. Jeff re-enters the stage.

air strip

7:10 p.m

Below is a demo of Airstrip – a new app for the Apple Watch.

air strip

7:08 p.m

There are already 10,000 watch apps in the AppStore for the Apple Watch.

With WatchOS2 native apps are also possible.

Facebook and GoPro App’s are coming soon.

7:07 p.m

Jeff is allowed on the stage. He talks about the new features of WatchOS2.


7:05 p.m

Tim Cook begins the introductory phase.

The first point he talks about is the Apple Watch.

7:05 p.m

Rumors about the Apple TV:

The new Apple TV (4th generation) is to receive a significantly revised operating system. It should basically be based on iOS 9 and should probably also allow the installation of apps and games from the AppStore.

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7:04 p.m

It begins… Tim Cook takes the stage.

Tim Cook - Launch

7:02 p.m

Probably slight delays – the stage is still empty:


7:00 p.m

7:00 p.m. German time – the Apple event starts now.

6:59 p.m

Announcement: The presentation is about to start, please mute all electronics.

6:57 p.m

It’s about to start, we hope for a lot of news and maybe for a „One more thing…“

6:54 p.m

A lot going on already…


6:53 p.m

rumor mill:

Due to the new ForceTouch display, the iPhone 6S could increase in thickness by 0.1 – 0.2 mm.

The iPhone 7 next year, on the other hand, is supposed to be significantly thinner again – 6.0 – 6.1 mm overall, it should only be thick.

6:50 p.m

More rumours:

The iPad Pro with a 12.9″ display could be available from 799 euros. The iPad Pro entry-level model should have 64GB of storage configuration.

6:45 p.m

You can ask Siri „Hey Siri, give us a hint“. Apple’s language assistant has some interesting & funny answers ready 😀

6:40 p.m

From the rumor mill:

With the new iPhone 6S, the „Hey Siri“ function could also be activated in normal battery operation. A separate energy-saving chip that permanently listens to this keyword would be conceivable.

6:35 p.m

At the Bill Graham Civic Auditorium in San Francisco, Apple will hold its iPhone event:

Graham Auditorium

Image: J.Ash Bowie (Wikipedia)

6:30 p.m

Welcome to our live ticker for the Apple event (September 2015).

Apple will start the presentation in half an hour, but before that you will receive further information from us from the rumor mill.

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We’ll start live blogging in an hour.

17:00 o’clock

The Apple Store is of course already switched off and is waiting for new products to be presented tonight:We'll be back.

4:21 p.m

There are new rumours:

Apple will probably hold its last presentation for this year today. Thus, in addition to an iPhone 6s and AppleTV, an iPad Pro and an iPad Mini 4 could also be presented.

2:22 p.m

It starts tonight at 6:30 p.m.

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