Live Ticker: Apple Keynote March 2016

Today the time has come: Apple is holding a keynote in Cupertino on March 21, 2016 – there, in addition to a new iPhone SE, new iPads are also expected. This time we will also present you with a live ticker in this article – the Apple presentation will start at 6 p.m. German time, we will report live for you from around 5:30 p.m. Bookmark this page now and be there in time!

Possible keynote highlights: A cheaper iPhone model called „iPhone SE“ – in terms of hardware, the device should be somewhere between the iPhone 5S and the iPhone 6. New iPads with stylus recognition for the Apple Pencil – an iPad Air Pro may be released. Hardware upgrades for Macbook, iMac and maybe Mac Pro – it’s quite possible that Apple will once again increase the CPU and graphics performance of the existing models.

Info: The ticker updates automatically every 15 seconds.

live ticker:

8:04 p.m

Keynote over – many thanks to everyone who was there

We wish you a nice evening.

8:04 p.m

Unfortunately not – that was it.

8:02 p.m

Maybe there is still hope for a „One more thing…“

8:02 p.m

Tim Cook back on stage – sounds like that’s about it…

8:01 p.m

For a better overview – again:


7:59 p.m

A feature film follows.

7:58 p.m

Can be pre-ordered from March 24th, will also be delivered on March 31st – The prices:


7:56 p.m

Protruding camera – but with 4K and Flash.

camera ipadpro

7:55 p.m

The adapters should not be missing from Apple either:

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7:53 p.m

Of course, there is also a keyboard for the 9.7″ iPad Pro.

7:53 p.m

„Hey Siri“ – also supported by the new smaller iPad Pro.

7:52 p.m

A9X processor.

7:51 p.m

Color temperature automatically adapts to the environment – several ambient light sensors ensure:

color temperature

7:50 p.m

Of course, Night Shift from iOS 9.3 is also supported

7:49 p.m


7:48 p.m

There are currently over 1 million iPad apps.

7:48 p.m

Of course, the Apple Pencil can also be used with this.

7:46 p.m

There it is – a smaller iPad Pro:


7:45 p.m

Tim Cook laughs – he has news – we can look forward to a new iPad.

7:44 p.m

Tim Cook is back – now it’s all about the iPad’s.

7:44 p.m

iOS 9.3, available today – free of charge, of course.

7:43 p.m

Maps & Music becomes more usable for Carplay.

7:42 p.m


7:42 p.m

… and already known from the developer versions.

7:41 p.m

The new features are being talked about – nothing unusual.

7:41 p.m

Next topic: iOS 9.3

7:40 p.m

German prices are not yet known.

7:40 p.m

Unfortunately, Apple is starting again with 16GB – 64GB are possible from $499.

7:39 p.m

Can be ordered from March 24th – will be delivered on March 31st. – Also in Germany.


7:39 p.m

The features at a glance:


7:37 p.m

Of course, like the iPhone 5s, it also has Touch ID.

7:37 p.m

wireless Internet access

7:36 p.m

4K video is also no problem for the iPhone SE.

7:36 p.m

iPhone SE – Camera:

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7:35 p.m

The 4″ inch – iPhone SE:

iPhone SE

7:34 p.m

Same CPU as iPhone 6S.

7:33 p.m

iPhone SE

7:32 p.m

A new member of the iPhone family. It probably won’t be one.

7:32 p.m

Next point: iPhone.


7:31 p.m

Apple TV gets a new operating system update – the innovations at a glance:

tv innovations

19:30 o’clock



7:29 p.m

And the current Apple Watch is getting cheaper: it now starts at $299 in the US!

7:28 p.m

New straps are available for the Apple Watch:


7:27 p.m


7:26 p.m

Tim is back on stage.

Now to the more interesting part: products.

7:25 p.m

The API is open source – available from April 2016. Certainly interesting for some developers.

7:24 p.m

Initially, it will be used primarily in the United States.

7:23 p.m

CareKit is a new API specially developed for Parkinson’s patients.

7:22 p.m


7:20 p.m

After that, the actual presentation should start soon.

7:18 p.m

Feature film about ResearchKit:


7:16 p.m

Jeff Williams is now on stage.

7:15 p.m

Next topic:


7:14 p.m

And back to Tim.

7:14 p.m

applause from the audience.


7:12 p.m

Lisa Jackson, Vice President of Green Initiatives – now talks about recycling Apple products.

7:10 p.m

Environmental compatibility is also taken into account in the packaging:


7:08 p.m

Apple would like to supply all data centers with 100% renewable energy in the future.

7:07 p.m


7:05 p.m

Tim Cook talks about the current dispute with the FBI – and thanks the numerous partners who are currently supporting Apple in this situation.

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7:03 p.m

Tim Cook enters the stage:


7:02 p.m

It starts.

town hall

6:58 p.m

Announcement: Let’s go!

6:51 p.m

The Apple Store is already offline:


6:48 p.m

Music is already playing… Beats 1


7:23 a.m

It starts today at 5:30 p.m.

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