iPhone 14 Pro & iPhone 14: Are the devices waterproof?

On September 9, 2022, Apple presented the new iPhone 14 (Plus) and iPhone 14 Pro (Max) smartphones to the public for the first time. But are the new high-end smartphones also suitable for beach holidays at the beach and are they therefore waterproof? We will answer these and other questions in detail in this article, and we will also take a look at the official manufacturer information.

iPhone 14 Pro waterproof?

As usual, the iPhone 14 Pro and the iPhone 14 Pro Max represent Apple’s premium class in the smartphone sector and this can also be seen in the price, so at least 1299 euros are due for these devices in this country if you go according to the manufacturer’s recommended retail price . Because of this premium price, the buyer should expect protection against dust and water ingress here, and that is exactly what it is. Apple promises that these are IP68-certified and are therefore protected from water to a certain extent – more information on this later in the article.

Is the normal iPhone 14 also waterproof?

With the iPhone 14 and the iPhone 14 Plus, Apple also offers two slightly cheaper devices. These officially start in Germany at a price of at least 999 euros and should come to the man or woman, especially in the case of contract extensions. According to the official Apple website, these devices are also waterproof up to a certain level and have an IP68 certification.

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How waterproof are the devices?

So both the cheaper iPhone 14 and the more expensive iPhone 14 Pro are protected from water and dust, but to what depth are the devices actually waterproof? According to Apple, both device classes are classified under IP68 according to IEC standard 60529. Specifically, the manufacturer promises water resistance of up to 6 meters for up to 30 minutes. If the depth and immersion length are exceeded, water could possibly penetrate the respective smartphone.

IP classification, what is it all about?

The IP codes indicate how well a product is protected against the ingress of dust and water, while the first digit is used to indicate dust protection, the last digit stands for protection against water. Incidentally, the abbreviation „IP“ stands for International Protection.

Apple names the iPhone 14 as well as the iPhone 14 Pro the classification „IP68“ so the devices are completely sealed against penetrating dust (readable by the number „6“), the smartphones also survive permanent immersion (recognizable by the number „8“) – Here, however, manufacturers usually also specify maximum values ​​- in the case of Apple, these are the above-mentioned 6 meters for up to 30 minutes.

Does Apple’s warranty cover water damage?

Apple actively advertises the water resistance of its new premium smartphones in the technical specifications and partly also in advertising, but should water damage nevertheless occur, in many cases you are dependent on the goodwill of the manufacturer or retailer. Improper use, such as a fall, can theoretically loosen the adhesive connection between the display and the housing frame and water can still penetrate under certain circumstances. Even with strong water pressure, e.g. if the iPhone 14 (Pro) is held directly under a strong jet of water, the IP classification does not apply.

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Play it safe with protective covers

Since in case of doubt you should not rely on the advertising promises of manufacturers, it is better if you use appropriate protective covers during your stand and bathing vacation. Corresponding waterproof protective covers or transparent protective bags are usually available for around 10 euros* and also protect your smartphone very well from the elements.

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