Increase WLAN range: Internet right into the garden

Spring is here, the warm season is on the way. The mild summer evenings will soon return with football, Netflix and YouTube in the garden. Unfortunately, the internet doesn’t always run smoothly outside the home, and the bouncing spoils some of the enjoyment. Nobody has to simply accept the disruptions, there are enough possibilities to bridge the gaps and boost the surfing speed.

1. Turn your cell phone into a hotspot

With this variant, it all depends on the booked data volume on the smartphone. If you use your cell phone as a mobile hotspot, you need a good cushion that won’t be used up quickly. In addition, of course, the LTE reception in the garden or on the terrace must be excellent, otherwise the mobile data connection via tethering is useless. Alternatively, the router can also be placed outside on the long cable, but that depends on the circumstances. The hotspot solution is not really suitable as a long-term solution for long cinema evenings under the stars. If you want to see all parts of „The Lord of the Rings“ in one go or as many episodes of „Breaking Bad“ as possible in one night, it is better to use other technical means. Normally it should be enough for a few short YouTube videos.

2. Use a mesh repeater

The range of the WLAN router can be increased with a mesh repeater, such a device costs around 25 to 200 euros. To do this, however, the user needs a free socket that is about halfway between the transmitter and receiver. Perhaps there is a possibility in the stairwell or in the tool shed? The setup is usually quick, and the long casino night can start, either on the notebook or on the smartphone. In any case, real money casino apps 2022 are available in large quantities, as can be seen on a trip to the comparison platform There experts have collected the best reputable providers and present them to the users in a clear table form. The respective payment methods as well as the advantages and disadvantages of these apps are also discussed.

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3. Use an outdoor repeater

The mesh repeater is made for indoor use, which means that the non-waterproof device is at risk at the latest when the first raindrops fall. People who not only watch films in the garden on beautiful summer nights, but also want to control a robot lawn mower or run other permanent applications, need a waterproof outdoor access point that also serves as a repeater. Such devices are also protected against dust, they are connected to the router in the house using a LAN cable. The electronics are well protected, even in the coldest winter and snow. The PoE function is available as an interesting extra: such products do not require their own socket, the power supply runs via the Ethernet cable. Since not every garden is equipped with a power source, there is often nothing to avoid this solution.

4. Pack the mesh repeater in a weatherproof manner

With an outdoor socket and an existing mesh repeater, something else can be arranged, namely giving the device a weatherproof cover. For this, nobody has to start tinkering creatively, it is enough to buy a suitable housing. There are several options to choose from, for example outdoor distribution boxes or outdoor electronics boxes in different colours. The main thing is that the packaging is well insulated! By the way, protection class IP54 is suitable for covered outdoor areas; without a roof, at least protection class IP65 is required. Products without IP certification are out of the question, so you can plug in the repeater without protection and risk a juicy short circuit the first time it rains.

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5. Use a powerline adapter

The Powerline adapter is also called a D-LAN device, it maintains the Internet connection via the power grid. If you order such a system for your home, you will always receive a transmitter and a receiver in a pack of two. The transmitter goes into the socket near the WLAN router and is connected to the said router with a cable. The user plugs the receiver into another socket of the same power supply, preferably in the garden, on the balcony or terrace. If the outdoor power grid is not connected to the indoor circuit, however, Powerline will not help. Then it only works with a repeater, because the Internet is transmitted over the air here. Unfortunately, there are no waterproof D-LAN devices, so Powerline is not an all-weather solution. The long football evening would be saved in this way, because when it rains everyone moves from the garden into the house anyway. And the open-air cinema can also be arranged with it, as can the home office on the terrace – if the dazzling display doesn’t thwart the plans.

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