Console, PC or smartphone: which gaming genre fits which platform?

Since the smartphone has become a real competitor for game consoles and the PC in the field of gaming, there are more and more gaming apps that deliver high-quality graphics and complex gameplays. Many PC games are now also offered as mobile versions and some can even be played in crossplay mode against players on other platforms. But one thing is very clear: not every platform is equally suitable for every genre. So we took a closer look at which device to choose for your genre preferences!

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The PC: Precise control and quick response

The PC is a clear favorite for many gamers. In fact, some PC gamers go so far as to say that the gaming computer is the only true platform for gamers. However, it is not that simple. The PC is certainly the device that works great with most gaming genres. In addition, a high-quality gaming PC also costs significantly more than a game console that you do not have to put together yourself from expensive components. Since games are controlled with keyboard and mouse, you have many advantages. Firstly, numerous shortcuts can be used for various actions, and the mouse is particularly precise when it comes to aiming. Response speed is also faster for most PC gamers than on console. That’s why shooters, battle royales and action titles run best on the computer. Strategy games with this control also have a clear advantage, because if you often have to select something in the menu, you don’t always want to torment yourself through all the points with the analog stick. Most eSports are also played on PC these days, so it’s ok to argue that PC is the best platform for most games.

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Xbox One and PS4: The big consoles

While there are of course more consoles than the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, the two big market leaders arguably deserve a sub-score in their own right. Numerous PC titles also appear for the two consoles and are played here with pleasure. The controls are of course very different, but many game developers create a good balance between the platforms and program controls that work well for the controller. In fact, however, there are some game genres that run even better on consoles than on PC. These include above all racing and sports games, which are even played on the console in e-sports. The reason for this is the intuitive control with the analog stick. This can determine the speed and direction by how hard the stick is pressed in one direction and has many more nuances than a keyboard and mouse.

Nintendo consoles

Game developer Nintendo currently has several excellent consoles on the market. The Nintendo Switch is of course particularly interesting for many players, because some of the big titles appear on it, while the Nintendo 3DS or the Nintendo Classic Mini: NES focus on their own games. Basically, you can already see from the games that Nintendo produces where the focus of the consoles is. Lovable casual games, platformers and colorful adventures are the order of the day here. The fun factor and the simple control are almost always in the foreground, while difficult storylines and dramatic battles rarely occur.

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Mobile devices are following suit

Mobile devices such as tablets and smartphones are now real competitors for the other platforms. More and more high-quality game titles are appearing on the App Store and many PC games are even getting a mobile version, including the MOBA League of Legends and the Battle Royale Fortnite. However, the controls on the touchscreen are not ideal, you have to admit that. Instead, the intuitive thumb control is particularly well suited for games that do not require quick reactions. Puzzle games, card games and other casino classics can be easily operated with your fingers. Thanks to mobile browser versions, providers such as the online casino EuroGrand can be visited without any problems. Normally, the loading times for such games are not long. Simple simulations can also be controlled well with the smartphone, especially if you have to start new actions several times, which then take place in real time – it’s worth it if the device is always in your pocket!

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Each platform has its advantages and disadvantages in gaming. Although PC performs best on average, there are still many games that do better on other platforms. In the end, the only important thing is that you have fun!

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