Bonus conditions in the online casino: Why a big bonus doesn’t have to be good

The gambling industry is bursting at the seams. Whether bookies, casinos or lotteries: On every corner of the Internet, a provider is waiting to present its advantages. In addition to beginners who are looking for a suitable platform, even some gambling veterans have long since lost track. It has never been more worthwhile to give your luck a boost.

The number of black sheep has fallen to a minimum. This is ensured, among other things, by the many regulations and licenses that are awarded to providers who comply with an extensive catalog of requirements. If you want to be on the safe side, you only play with providers who are either based in Germany or at least in the European Union.

But how does the inclined player without experience, for example, find an online casino that knows how to satisfy his wishes and needs? One possible answer: through giveaways and promotions. We looked at what the bonus conditions and sales conditions say about the quality of a provider.

Why do casinos offer bonuses and promotions?

First of all, the question arises as to why online casinos even accommodate their users in monetary terms or in the form of free spins. After all, no one has money to give away. And there is no question: the operators of online casinos also gnash their teeth when a progressive jackpot of millions has to be paid out.

But those who refrain from treating their customers like kings will quickly lose them to the competition. The battle for the top keeps both vendors and software developers on their toes. Players are expecting more and more from their hobby – and want to keep their wallets closed as often as possible.

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Bonuses and promotions not only help to appear more lucrative and trustworthy than the next operator. They are also an excellent way to bind players to your own portal in the long term. Users who don’t miss anything don’t even think of registering with another online casino.

These casino bonuses are waiting for new and existing customers

The portfolio of bonuses and promotions is as diverse as the advantages and disadvantages of the various providers. No two online casinos are the same when it comes to the type and number of freebies. The five best-known bonuses at a glance:

  • The welcome bonus is mandatory and is available for selection at almost every provider. Customers look forward to a percentage when they make their first deposit, and sometimes even free spins. For example, a 100 percent bonus up to 100 euros is common.
  • Even better is the no deposit casino bonus. It corresponds exactly to its name and is credited after new customers have registered and verified their user account.
  • Free spins for slot machines are a popular classic. Players are given the opportunity to spin at the bank’s expense and snag real winnings.
  • The Highroller or VIP bonus is for users who regularly play high stakes poker. They look forward to percentages, free spins or exclusive tournaments.
  • The cashback bonus is also self-explanatory. The more money invested in the game selection, the higher the payback after a set period of time.

What should be considered when using the casino bonus?

As nice as it sounds to get 1000 euros or more for free with the first four deposits: Nobody should get the idea of ​​being automatically rich. Apart from the fact that the additional amount received cannot of course be paid out immediately, there are countless terms and conditions that are difficult to understand, especially for new customers. In the rarest of cases, the amount of bonus money says something about the quality of the promotion.

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sales condition

The bonus condition separates the wheat from the chaff. After all, what use is the financially largest bonus if it is simply impossible to be able to pay it out once all the conditions have been met? The turnover works as a rollover. If the 100 euros for free are linked to a 40-fold condition, you have to spin for an equivalent of 4000 euros (100*40) before you can even think of a payout. Basically, the lower the condition, the better. In no case should it be greater than 50.

value of the games

The blackjack pro may think his strategy alone is enough to master the wagering requirements. What should go wrong if an average of four out of five hands succeed? But while most slot machines are offset 100 percent against the bonus conditions, table and card games often only count for 10 percent in the evaluation. If any. Slots with particularly high payout rates are also often excluded.


A bonus is like a coupon at a department store. If you don’t use it quickly enough, you’ll get annoyed later if it’s no longer valid. A welcome bonus can usually be implemented between two and four weeks, while free spins are sometimes only a few days. If no clear information can be found, the customer service should be asked in an emergency.

Maximum win amount

Luck knows no bounds: The progressive jackpot has been hit with a free spin, life has been turned upside down forever. Or maybe not? The answer is in the fine print. We anticipate: As a rule, there is a comparatively low maximum amount that can be requested for a payout after using the bonuses and promotions. For example, 100 euros are conceivable. Any winnings beyond this are unfortunately invalid.

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payment methods

While a specific bonus is occasionally offered for certain payment providers, other methods are categorically excluded. Customers should definitely pay attention to whether a bonus is credited, for example, when depositing with Skrill and Neteller. It is precisely these two options that have often caused problems of understanding in the past. It is advisable to take a look at the FAQ beforehand.

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