Apple March Event 2022: All innovations at a glance

Yesterday evening the time had finally come: Apple presented a number of new products in its March live stream and certainly surprised its own community with some devices. The stream was able to reach almost 750,000 simultaneous viewers on YouTube at the peak, how many people followed the live stream directly via the Apple website is unknown. In this article we would like to briefly go into the new products presented, in the coming days we will also publish detailed articles on the individual products.

Table of Contents

  • AppleTV+
  • iPhone 13 in new colors
  • iPhone SE (3rd generation)
  • iPad Air
  • M1 Ultra
  • Macstudio
  • studio display


Right at the start of the event, Apple boss Tim Cook went into the expanded offering of the Apple TV+ streaming service. In addition to numerous new films and series, you will also be able to watch live sports via the service in the future. Among other things, Apple would like to broadcast two Major League Baseball games every Friday – this should convince numerous sports enthusiasts, especially in America, of the streaming service.

iPhone 13 in new colors

On the other hand, the announcement of a new iPhone 13 housing color was not surprising. In the future, all previous iPhone 13 models will also be available in a greenish hue. Specifically, Apple calls the colors “green” (on the iPhone 13 mini and iPhone 13) and “alpine green” (on the iPhone 13 Pro and iPhone 13 Pro Max). The new housing colors can be pre-ordered from March 11, 2022, and the first devices will be delivered to customers from March 18.

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iPhone SE (3rd generation)

If you don’t want to spend so much money on an iPhone 13, you can now also use an updated iPhone SE. Apple presented the 3rd generation of the device there, but there are only innovations on the inside, the housing and the display size are identical to the second generation of the iPhone SE from 2020.

In terms of performance, however, the new generation is on the same level as an iPhone 13, since Apple also uses the fast A15 Bionic chip here. Furthermore, 5G mobile communications are now being integrated into the entry-level iPhone for the first time, but Face ID still has to be dispensed with, but there is a Touch ID sensor as in the older models.

The third-generation iPhone SE can be pre-ordered from March 11, 2022, and the first devices will be delivered to end customers from March 18. In terms of price, at least 519 euros must be invested in Germany for the 64 GB version, the 128 GB model is available for 569 euros and the 256 GB variant costs 689 euros.

iPad Air

Apple fans can also look forward to a product update with the iPad Air. The company has also upgraded this device and is now installing a front camera with center stage technology for the first time – so during video calls people are automatically kept in the field of view thanks to the ultra wide-angle lens.

Apple has also improved the USB-C port and now installs a connection that is twice as fast. This supports data transfer rates of up to 10 GBit/s and should therefore also be fast enough for video exchange on data carriers. To ensure that there is enough power left for post-processing the imported content, an M1 chip has also been integrated into the latest iPad Air – this is the same processor that is also used in the iPad Pro or in the cheaper Apple MacBooks.

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Pre-orders are also possible here from March 11, deliveries will start from March 18, 2022. At least 679 euros must be put on the table for the Air, surcharges exist for more memory and for the optional 5G mobile network.

M1 Ultra

Although there has been speculation on the Internet for weeks about a possible M2 chip, Apple is now calling its new miracle processor the „M1 Ultra“. This basically consists of two assembled M1 Max processors and should enable new peak performances. This brings the chip to 20 CPU cores and a proud 64 GPU cores and thus surpasses every other previously introduced M1 processor.

According to Apple, the new miracle CPU has a proud 114 billion transistors, which is seven times more than the normal M1 chip. The Apple chip can control a maximum of 128 gigabytes of so-called unified RAM – a combination of main memory and graphics memory.


With the newly introduced product “Mac Studio”, Apple wants to pick up all fans of the previous iMac Pro. In terms of design, this is constructed like a Mac Mini, which is a bit too high, but offers significantly more performance and enables the flexible connection of several Thunderbolt or HDMI displays .

The Mac Studio can be configured with either an M1 Max chip or the new M1 Ultra chip. The price for the basic model is at least 2299 euros, but the fully configured price can go up to 9199 euros. Although the new computer will be available from March 18, 2022, Apple can hardly save itself from pre-orders, the delivery date is now late March (M1 Max) or early April for the more expensive M1 Ultra chip.

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studio display

Since the previously offered Pro Display XDR could possibly be too expensive for many potential Mac Studio users, Apple is now offering another, slightly cheaper alternative with the newly introduced „Studio Display“. The studio display measures 27″ and offers 5K resolution.

The monitor is connected via a Thunderbolt 3 connection, which delivers up to 96 watts of power if it is operated with a compatible MacBook, for example. In addition, three USB-C ports are available for accessories.

With standard glass, Apple calls 1749 euros for the Studio Display in Germany, but those who want the less reflective nano-texture glass have to pay 1999 euros. A normal tilt-adjustable stand or an alternative VESA mount is included in these prices – if you want a height-adjustable stand, you have to accept an additional charge of around 460 euros. The display will be available from March 18, 2022, but the delivery time is now longer.

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