[Anzeige] METZ blue presents the S9A OLED TV at IFA 2019

This year, the traditional German TV manufacturer METZ again had a trade fair stand at the International Consumer Electronics Fair in Berlin. Of course, the newly introduced sub-brand METZ blue was also there, which focuses mainly on smart TV solutions in the mid-range segment and also presented the METZ blue S9A OLED TV at IFA 2019, a high-quality UHD television with Android TV Operating system.

What is METZ blue?

The well-known red METZ logo should still be familiar to many, these so-called „METZ Classic“ televisions are manufactured directly in Germany, while METZ blue is a sub-brand, these devices are assembled within Europe and cover a broader market segment.

Innovations at the IFA 2019

At IFA 2019, the focus at the METZ blue stand was clearly on televisions with OLED screen technology. In addition, a 120″ inch 8K TV and the advantages of the Android TV operating system could also be admired. Voice search using Google Assistant was also demonstrated in a special showroom.


During our visit to the IFA, the S9A OLED TV caught our eye, this device is a television with so-called OLED screen technology. In contrast to conventional LCD technology, this enables significantly better contrast values, since no backlighting is required and a deep black can therefore also be displayed.

Furthermore, OLED panels are very bright and are therefore ideal for HDR screen content, offer shorter response times and have breathtaking color brilliance.

The S9A OLED TV is available in two different sizes, a 55″ and a 65″ version. Both device versions have a UHD OLED display with around 8.3 million pixels and thus enable a razor-sharp image, while conventional HD panels only have 2.1 million pixels.

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The narrow edge of the screen also catches the eye of the beholder in a particularly positive way. The OLED panel almost reaches the edge of the device’s housing and thus provides an attractive look.

The high-quality soundbar, which is installed in the lower area of ​​the METZ blue S9A OLED TV, is also impressive. This has several frontally radiating mid-woofers as well as fabric dome tweeters and enables a powerful sound with demanding film content. The technology was cleverly hidden behind a gray fabric front cover.

Another plus point is the low thickness of the device, the S9A OLED TV measures only a few millimeters on the top, the connections and the mounting holes for the stand or the wall bracket can be found on the bottom.

Android TV & Chromecast

As already mentioned at the beginning, the S9A OLED TV has an Android TV operating system, so additional apps from video streaming providers can be installed and access to offers from Netflix or YouTube can be accessed.

Furthermore, the METZ blue devices also support Chromecast, so content from smartphones or tablets can be displayed and played back conveniently and directly on the television. This is not just limited to video content, photos or music can also be shared wirelessly on a large display.

Prices & Availability

The new METZ blue S9A OLED TV can now be obtained from specialist retailers or online shops such as Amazon. In terms of price, the 65 inch model is available for 2499 euros RRP (until October 31, 2019 there is a discount of 500 euros), the 55 inch is available for 1599 euros RRP (here there is a 400 euro discount until 31 October 2019 ).

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