AliExpress with shipping restrictions to Germany

If you’ve been having trouble ordering AliExpress products lately, you’re not alone. A number of goods are still displayed in the search, but you can no longer get to the respective product page – products that were previously placed in the shopping cart are also missing. But why is that? We have investigated this reason.

How does the problem manifest itself?

As already explained above, the problem does not occur with all but only with some articles (depending on the product category, about 10 to 30 percent of the offer is affected). As soon as you search for products on AliExpress and want to switch to the respective product page, you will usually get a „Sorry, this page is not available.“ error page:

Why is that?

Apparently, AliExpress had to comply with the stricter tax laws in Germany and is now blocking some Chinese retailers who are only insufficiently complying with these new obligations.

„We are ending the illegal practice of some traders on electronic marketplaces who evade sales tax and thereby gain unfair competitive advantages,“ said Finance Minister Scholz of the German Press Agency in summer 2018.

From 2019, all online marketplaces such as eBay, Amazon or AliExpress will also be liable for the sales tax of their respective retailers. For this reason, AliExpress has recently been demanding additional documentation and possibly also a corresponding tax number from Chinese dealers – but not everyone there is interested in this and prefers to refrain from trading with German customers completely.

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Only Germany is affected

It is also interesting that only German customers are affected by this regulation. As soon as you switch to another EU country in the country selection, the specific product will be shown to you without any problems and it can also be placed in the shopping cart. On the other hand, payment is not possible because your delivery address is still in Germany.

no remedy in sight

For the future, German customers can only hope that more Chinese retailers will also be willing to pay the sales tax correctly so that AliExpress can unlock it again for German trade.

You may also have the opportunity to fall back on closer acquaintances within the EU neighborhood and have your parcels sent there accordingly. Unfortunately, this is not a really convenient solution either.

Update: In the meantime, only a few offers seem to be affected by this restriction.

Update 2022

Since the summer of 2022, several products no longer seem to be tradable on AliExpress, as can also be seen from our comments section below. Mainly classic China fake products seem to be affected by the trade ban. For example, we were able to understand that fake products from the audio system manufacturer “JBL” are no longer listed on AliExpress and products that have already been reserved have disappeared from the shopping cart. Similar to Amazon and eBay, the Chinese marketplace seems to want to take action against counterfeit products, at least in Europe.

Interesting here: If you select Russia via the country selection on the AliExpress homepage, you can order these fakes without any problems – but of course you then need a Russian delivery address… .

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Since the „Digital Services Act“ was passed in Europe at the beginning of July 2022, large marketplaces such as Amazon, eBay and probably AliExpress must take action against the sale of counterfeit goods.

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