AliExpress will charge import sales tax from July 1st, 2021

Good news for all regular China buyers from Europe: As of July 1st, 2021, AliExpress will automatically pay the import sales tax on your orders. The online marketplace thus complies with the new EU regulation and saves its customers unnecessary processing costs with Deutsche Post.

Of course, the automatically recorded import sales tax increases the prices for all end consumers, but customers no longer have to pay customs for most packages and no additional capital provision fees or flat-rate expenses.

Due to the new import tax regulation, you can now order goods from AliExpress relatively risk-free up to a maximum amount of 150 euros. The import sales tax is automatically added to your purchase up to this amount and paid directly. You can see this in the last step of the order. You will only have to show up at the customs office for even larger goods values ​​in the future.

Since AliExpress participates in the new Import One Stop Shop (IOSS) process, retailers only have to declare a registration number on the respective shipment. Customs knows that the import tax has already been paid and forwards the package to you at no extra cost. Whether and how reliably this will work at the start, we cannot tell you at the moment due to the lack of reports.

If a dealer forgets the registration number on the package, you would have to pay the import tax again upon delivery and shell out a flat-rate fee of 6 euros to Deutsche Post for processing.

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Update: AliExpress only has to transmit the IOSS registration number digitally to the authorities, so it is not generally necessary for it to be printed on the parcel label. In the meantime we have received a few test orders (approx. 10 orders), so far the processing has worked without any problems and no additional fees were due at the front door – we had chosen AliExpress (Standard/Saver) Shipping as the shipping method there. Feel free to write your experiences in the comments.

Update 2: We can now confirm through numerous orders of our own that no additional fees are incurred for orders in Germany if they were sent via „AliExpress (Standard/Saver) Shipping“.

In Austria, the IOSS processing still seems to cause problems, please also note our comments section.

Update 3: The IOSS customs clearance (at least to Germany) seems to be working without any problems with the „Cainiao Super Economy“ shipping method.

Exemption limit completely abolished

Since July 1st, 2021, there is no longer an exemption limit for international shipments, so theoretically you have to pay import tax from the first cent. Due to the logistical effort, however, there is a tolerance limit, so the sales tax is only calculated from a goods value of 5.23 euros – very small shipments are therefore still indirectly exempt from taxes.

In the past, the official exemption limit was 22 euros, but the import sales tax was only calculated from a goods value of 26.28 euros. With the new EU regulation, however, these are history.

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